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51.5 inch bent shaft canoe paddle. Started this one a few years ago and it ended up getting set aside until just recently. Blade is sheathed in 4 ounce fibreglass with epoxy resin. Entire paddle coated with several coats of epoxy before finishing. Varnish finish

Couple tiny visual imperfections but nothing most people would ever even notice. Putting this one on for a really good price, trying to tidy up the shop and free up more space as we expand for 2017
$100.00 plus shipping.

New 50 inch bent shaft canoe paddle just finished. Blade is sheathed in 4 ounce fibreglass with epoxy resin.

May end up keeping this one but will post it for sale for now. If it is still here when the time comes for the next canoe camping trip, it will likely come with me ;)

$135.00 plus shipping.

New straight  shaft Canoe Paddle

58 inch overall length with a 25 inch blade. 
Blade is 5 inches at the widest point and is 4 inches at the tip.

Laminated using both hardwood and softwood strips plus an epoxy resin tip on the bottom of the blade.

This one is for sale for $100.0+ shipping.

Check back shortly...



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