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On this page, we will feature a few in stock paddles that are available for immediate sale. There will be a combination of paddles that are "On Sale" such as used demo paddles, "Scratch & Dent" specials, paddles that were built for custom orders but were made to a slightly wrong specification etc. 

 To purchase or inquire about any of the specific paddles listed on this page, contact us directly using the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page,  or email me at [email protected] 

Scroll down for some special pricing on in-stock paddles. 

Also check out our
PADDLES in our Web Store and some of the current specials on our custom built paddles.

Storm Paddle. Laminated from 11 individual strips of wood , finished with 100% pure tung oil.

65” / 165 cm length

8” / 20 cm Loom

3.5” / 9 cm Blade Width

$175.00 plus shipping. (Regular $250.00)

Transition Sticks: 

 For a full description on this item, their use and some background, please refer to our Web Store listing.

Regular $49.00 plus shipping, these 3 are available for $40.00 each. 

Contact us by email at [email protected] or through the "Contact' tab at the top of the page in the menu section. 

Laminated non shouldered Storm Paddle.  Tips are covered with three coats of epoxy resin, entire paddle is then covered with 5 coats of varnish.

70.5” / 179 cm length

7.25” /18 cm Loom

3.5” / 9 cm Blade Width

$185.00 plus shipping. (Regular $285.00)

New 50 inch bent shaft canoe paddle just finished. Blade is sheathed in 4 ounce fibreglass with epoxy resin.

May end up keeping this one but will post it for sale for now. If it is still here when the time comes for the next canoe camping trip, it will likely come with me ;)

$135.00 plus shipping.

New straight  shaft Canoe Paddle

58 inch overall length with a 25 inch blade. 
Blade is 5 inches at the widest point and is 4 inches at the tip.

Laminated using both hardwood and softwood strips plus an epoxy resin tip on the bottom of the blade.

This one is for sale for $100.00 + shipping.

2 piece Greenland Paddle. Laminated from 11 strips of western red cedar and finished with multiple coats of tung oil. 

84.75” / 215 cm length

20.5” /52 cm Loom

3.25” / 8.5 cm Blade Width

$275.00 plus shipping. (Regular $350.00)


Laminated non shouldered Greenland Paddle, western red cedar,  finished with 100% pure tung oil. 

87.5” / 222 cm length

21.5” / 55 cm Loom

3.5” / 9 cm Blade Width
Regular $250.00

$185.00 plus shipping.


Special of the Day:

51.5 inch bent shaft canoe paddle. Started this one a few years ago and it ended up getting set aside until just recently. Blade is sheathed in 4 ounce fibreglass with epoxy resin. Entire paddle coated with several coats of epoxy before finishing. Varnish finish

Couple tiny visual imperfections but nothing most people would ever even notice. Putting this one on for a really good price, trying to tidy up the shop and free up more space as we expand for 2017
$100.00 plus shipping.
(Regular price for our bent shaft canoe paddles is $179.00).


Storm Paddle:

Heavy-duty, expedition Storm Paddle. Includes 2 strips of hardwood cherry, running end to end the full length of the paddle for added strength and stiffness.
183 cm/ 72" length
20 cm/ 8" loom

9 cm/ 3.5" blade width.

This paddle would be regular $300.00 plus shipping.
On Special for just $195.00 plus shipping.
One only!


2 piece Greenland Paddle. built from 11 strips of wood including a thin strip of hardwood down the middle, tip to tip for added strength.  

85.5” / 218 cm length

19” /48 cm Loom

3.5” / 9 cm Blade Width

$275.00 plus shipping. (Regular $375.00)


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