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Storm Paddles, In Stock Specials


 Greenland Storm Paddles, In Stock Specials, ready to ship!

Laminated from 11 strips of wood, hand finished with multiple coats of 100% pure Tung Oil.


Paddle on the left:

Shouldered Storm Paddle,170 cm/ 67" in length

Paddle 2nd from the left:


Soft Shouldered Storm Paddle,172 cm/ 68" in length


Paddle 2nd from the Right:


Non-Shouldered Storm Paddle,175 cm/ 69" in length


Paddle on the right:  

Non-Shouldered Storm Paddle,182 cm/ 71.5" in length

(Special Lamination  pattern, 1 of 4 in stock with similar look.)


In Stock Special: $200.00

 (Regular $275.00)

For customers outside of Canada and the USA, please contact me for shipping rates. We do ship worldwide.

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